Buller Electricity Limited is a local electricity distributor based in Westport, where their only GXP substation at Robertson Street. Buller Electricity owns and operates the electricity distribution network, lines and assets on coastal areas of Buller.

Electro Services

Electro Services Ltd is the largest electrical contractor in the Buller region, especially for Buller Electricity's supply area on their network.

Robertson Street GXP upgrade

Transpower will build and install two single circuit 220kV lines each from Kikiwa and Golden Bay for the load growth, and install three single circuit 33kV lines between the existing GXP and the proposed 220/33kV substation behind, and renovate the GXP for 33kV and 11kV indoor switchgear.

Page link

Official webpage: https://www.bullerelectricity.co.nz/

Electro Services: https://www.electroservices.co.nz/

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