First Gas Limited is a natural gas transmission and distribution company in New Zealand. Their network has 2,204 km of high pressure pipelines and 4,800 km of gas distribution pipelines. Through Flex Gas, First Gas owns and operates the Ahuroa Gas Storage Facility.

First Gas distributes natural gas to North Island consumers. They are proud to be 100% wholly owned and operated Commonwealth Bank based in Sydney in New South Wales, Australia.

Gas pipeline network

First Gas owns and operates more than 2,500 kms of high pressure gas transmission pipelines and stations that supply natural gas from Taranaki to industrial consumers throughout the North Island.

They operate the 2,200km First Gas transmission pipeline and the 300km Maui pipeline, and they also operate more than 4,800kms of gas distribution networks across the North Island. Through these distribution networks, First Gas provides gas distribution services to gas retailers who sell gas to more than 60,000 customers.


First Gas also delivers gas to these other distribution companies.

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