Vector Limited wholly owned by Entrust, is a electricity distributor that owns and operates electricity lines and natural gas pipeline networks in the Auckland region. They also have a fibre optic cable network owned and operated by one of their own subsidiaries, Vector Communications Limited.

Vector Communications Limited

Vector's fibre optic network was built from the outset for customers who rely on it for critical business processes.

Wherever you are in New Zealand, Vector Communications can connect your business premises across New Zealand or Australia, provide reliable, fast, secure connections to data centers, or provide high speed Internet so your business can take maximum advantage of cloud-based services.

Advanced Metering Services

Vector also provide Advanced Metering Services for no cost to electricity consumers around the country (in New Zealand).

Smart Grid

An example of how the grid works

If the power is lost to your home your advanced electricity meter creates a message that says, 'the power has gone out in this home'.

Wireless signals are then passed from house to house to house until they reach a centralized place called a 'take out point' in your neighborhood.

Data is collected at that 'take out point' and transported back to Vector’s office in Newmarket. We can see immediately where the fault is and exactly how many homes are affected.

Vector’s computer system processes the information and our call center responds by dispatching a someone to address the problem.  

While we still encourage consumers to ring us when they experience a loss of power supply, in the future advanced meter technology will mean that you won’t need to call to tell us your power is out. This feature will speed up fault restoration times significantly.

Your advanced meter will also store a range of information that can help Vector solve any electricity supply problems in your area. For instance:

  • If we suspect a problem in your area we could ask your meter how many problems your home has experienced recently and how many problems the homes around you have experienced.
  • Vector could then compare this information with other messages coming from other parts of our system to accurately pinpoint problems.  Having this information will help us speed up the work required to solve any issues.

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