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Waipa Networks Limited 100% owned by the Waipa Networks Trust, is also a subsidiary of WEL Networks Limited. Every 3 years connected consumers (the 25,000 or so customers Waipa Networks delivers power to) vote for up to six members for the Trust.  The Trust in turn appoints the Company Directors, who are responsible for the running of the Company. The last Trust elections were held in October 2015 the next Trust elections are scheduled to be held in October 2018.

Waipa Networks are a lines supply company in the Waipa Region, connecting with power company retailers to provide power to homes, farms and businesses.


Waipa Networks has a history in the electricity industry spanning back to 1919 with the establishment of the first Electric Power Board in New Zealand at Te Awamutu. The company maintains the proud tradition of continuing to be one of the top performing companies in our industry.

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Official webpage: https://waipanetworks.co.nz/